Sunday, January 6, 2013

Peter Senese and I CARE Foundation Confirm Launch Of New Film On Child Abduction and Trafficking

I am very pleased to have announced this week on behalf of my colleagues and fellow child advocates of the I CARE Foundation the upcoming feature documentary filming of 150,000 Internationally Kidnapped Children.
The film will focus on the worldwide epidemic of international parental child abduction and the impact this criminal act of kidnapping has on targeted victims. 
There is no question we intend to create a very unique film, one that has not been created in this area because up until now, there has been no organization that has unilaterally conducted the extensive type of research on this subject the way the I CARE Foundation has, which will rudder and guide the scope and scale of the film. 
In addition to our unique ability to share a true picture of what the barren landscape of child abduction is, we have high expectations for the actual aesthetic production quality of the film as we will be shooting using RED Camera technology, and incorporating a host of special effects and other film making technology intended to give viscosity to the story we will tell.
On a personal level, I remain committed to doing all that I can to help society understand the malignant aspects of parental child abduction.  Till this day, one of the most alarming issues I see is just how wide-spread a lack of knowledge exists concerning international child kidnapping, even though each family is only three degrees of separation from knowing someone who has had a child targeted or stolen.  Tragically, by the I CARE Foundation's calculations, roughly 10% of all children internationally abducted only come home.
Glaringly - what we fight for - what we really fight for  . . . is to protect child murder and post-abduction suicide by adults who were once child victims.   I know: nobody wants to talk about it, especially since abduction in itself is a severe act of child abuse.  But truth is, filicide and post-abduction suicide are real. 
In the case of filicide, parental child murder occurs more often than anyone cares to think.  And I too shudder at such thoughts.  But we're talking about hundreds of child murders in the United States and Canada alone each year.  This is more than concerning.
And suicide. 
You see, children of abduction, during the 'taking period', which could last a lifetime, essentially have their identity brutally stripped from them.  Their lives of 'Who I Am' not only are denied, but altered into one big lie because of a sociopath abductor's need to rationalize their criminal act to the child, nearly always using parental alienation and isolation tactics into creating a demonizing myth about the targeted parent. In the end, the guilt, anger, and acknowledgement of a life of lies become overwhelming, and sadly, there is no place to go.  Suicide.
With hundreds of thousands of children around the world targeted for abduction each year, each nation needs new laws.  In order to have new laws created that will be impactful, correct data must be shared, thus the need for research on a host of critical topics.  The I CARE Foundation has and continues to lead in this area.  And of course, research and data alone do not protect children - but creating a swallow of public opinion that legislators hear, does.  And that is what 150,000 Internationally Kidnapped Children intends to do - increase awareness at every level, while offering solutions in the best interest of children.
I remain committed to helping rescue children who have been abducted, trafficked, abused, or in crisis.  This includes using my ongoing book royalties, including 100% of those generated from the critically acclaimed 'Chasing The Cyclone'  along with all of my other novels for use by the I CARE Foundation. It is my honor to be able to help others, as I take seriously my responsibility to help those in need.  With 100% of the necessary funding in place, it is my aspiration that 150,000 Internationally Kidnapped Children will become a tremendous tool that will save innocent lives.  After all, that is exactly what we're trying to do: save lives.
I invite you to read more information about 150,000 Internationally Kidnapped Children.
Kindest regards and best wishes for a healthy, happy, and fulfilling 2013 New Year.